Oakland Mills High School Booster Club

Donate for the sake of donating - ​Donate any amount that you would like simply for the pleasure of knowing you helped.

Say it with a Brick - this is a campaign to raise money to build a patio next to the outdoor Hut (concession stand) inside of Scorpion Stadium by selling personalized bricks that will forever show your support of OMHS. We are currently working with the county on this effort.  Click HERE for ordering information.

I support OMHS Program - ​By becoming part of the I support OMHS Program individuals and businesses have the opportunity to show their support of one of Columbia’s older high schools and it’s students to the thousands of people that visit Scorpion Stadium every year. Each banner or metal sign will say I support OMHS and have a personalized message from an individual or a business's name and website/phone number/location listed.  In general banners or metal signs can be any color and four feet by four feet in size.  

For more information on ordering send an email to omhsbooster@gmail.com.